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Thursday, 5 February 2015

All Set And Ready To Go

Well I'm ready and all set to go, just waiting for the warmer weather to arrive.

Had a bit of trouble though this year with my potato seed . I have for many years now bought Desiree from my allotment society and have usually had a good crop, but on harvesting them last year i lost half the crop to blight.

Not being deterred by this i ordered Desiree again this year, but when the seed arrived all three 2.5kg  bags had a rotten potato in each bag. No way was i going to put them in my soil, so i went to my local garden centre and chose six different varieties all desease resistant.

I wonder if it was just a bad year for that variety so hopefully i will have better luck this year using different seed.  


  1. Looking forward to hearing which potato varieties you've gone for. I'm growing Arran Pilot again, I've grown them for a few years now and I've always been pleased with them. They're on order from the allotment shop but they don't sell Anya which is another variety I'm fond of so I shall have to find them from somewhere else.

  2. Hi Joy Thank you for your kind comment.
    As i was in shock when i got my seed potato's with the blight i was in awe as to what to get. So chose Red Duke of York, Catriona, Pentland Crown, Charlotte and Rooster. I chose for their good yield and disease resistance.The Anya seed is available from our allotment society, but was not familiar with that one .

  3. We always use blight resistant seed potatoes and have good results.