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Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year New Growth

Things are starting to happen in the vegetable plot.

In late November last year i planted some broad bean seeds and to my delight they are just starting to grow. Its amazing how they can grow in our wintry conditions.

I usually wait until the early spring to sew them, but my last crop of broad beans was such a disaster with an infestation black fly i thought I'd got nothing to loose.

don't like to use any insecticides or pesticides on my plot so have to rely on mother nature to do her best.

The only things that benefited from the black fly were are the ants. They tried to do their best to keep them down, but the black fly got the better of them and took over the plants completely gradually suffocating the new growth to death .

Here they are the little darlings protected with wire baskets just in case the birds decided to have a feast on them.


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