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Friday, 29 August 2014

Know your Onoins

I was lucky enough to lift my onions last week just before the rain set in, Thank goodness! They are now safely drying off in the summerhouse ready to be tied up and hung in the cart lodge for the winter.
I grew 3 different varieties this year to see how each variety will keep as other years i stuck to one  sort and i lost half of them to rot. 
The crop has been a good size even the garlic and shallots have been good.

Red Onions
 Golden Onions
 White Onions
 French Garlic



  1. I didn't grow any onions this year as I ran out of space but I did grow some shallots which are safely gathered and drying in the greenhouse. I saw a mixed bag of onion sets in a local shop this week it says on the info. card that they can be sown between Sept. and Dec. so I have sown them individually in pots in the greenhouse to get them started - I have never planted onions this early before so we shall have to see how they get on.

    Yours look a lovely size just right for cooking with - I don't like them too big do you?

  2. We grew shallots last year but they were disappointingly small. This year I didn't bother, not really having enough room. Yours look super!

  3. I've had my best year yet for onions, though some of them sent up flower spikes so I doubt they'll store very well. I shall have to keep checking them over for signs of rot.