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Friday, 29 August 2014

My Potato crop

Well! my potato crop is finally in and safely stored in the garage where i will be supplied with organic potato's until the early spring. 

I always grow Desire' in my clay soil because over the years of growing potato's they always crop the best and keep well in storage. 

I rotate the crop every three years so as not to infect the soil, but i have dug some up with potato blight which i think is due to the heavy rain we have had recently. 

Although they do need water to grow and swell out it can be devastating if the ground is too wet for too long. 
Its me doing the digging, so good for keeping fit.

Hubby showing off  some of the crop, quite a good size don't you think!
No i don't mean his belly

I am very pleased with the yield this year

     This is potato blight which can be very serious if left to spread. 

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  1. When I had my allotment I used to grow Desiree - the best maincrop potato in my opinion. This year I have grown earlies in containers - you get a couple of meals out of each one but it is worth it they taste so much better than shop bought. Alas, they are all finished now I grew Charlotte and Foremost and will definitely grow these varieties again.

    You got a good haul - it takes a lot of digging and back ache - but at least now they are safe and will keep you well fed over winter!