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Thursday, 14 August 2014

My fig tree

I love fresh figs especially the ones that grow in my garden, but this year they don't seem to be fruiting as well as other years.

The small amount that have ripened though have been plump and sweet, but i had to be quick to pick them as the wasps also like them too.

However there are signs more fruit coming so i am keeping my fingers crossed that it will ripen to a good size later on in the season. 
This year the weather seems to be topsy turvy as my rhubarb didn't come to much in the spring and now late in the season its growing like mad again.

The tree is around ten years old and situated on a south facing hedge which has suited so far. That's the trouble with growing fruit and veg it all depends on the seasonal weather conditions.

One fig that the wasps didn't get

Some of the young fruits that will hopefully mature later

The site of the fig tree.


  1. I don't know anything about growing figs but I remember something about pulling off immature fruits that aren't likely to develop? It's certainly a good sized bush and looks very healthy - hope you enjoy the rest of the fruits before the wasps get to them.

  2. Linda, your name came up when I drew for the book giveaway. If you would like it, please email me.

  3. What a beautiful tree. I bought a twig of a fig tree from Morrisons earlier this year and it's grown like mad but I think it will be quite some time before it starts producing any fruit. I love figs for their ornamental value but some fruit would be a bonus.